Lucasarts, cease & desists, and how IPs should live


The other day I got an email from RedBubble saying that my design Inkblot Trooper was removed due to a request from Lucasfilm Ltd. Shortly following that, the same email came, with the Terminated March as the offender. I have a few thoughts regarding this:

Fuck yeah

As much as it sucks to have my work pulled, I’m happy that it is pissing the right people off.

But why can’t Vader be a Terminator?

… can you imagine a world where the only merchandise were “official”? I know for a fact that Terminated March could not have come out of Lucasarts official merchandise, because it’s basically a parody on Star Wars, Terminator, Predator, Lord Of The Rings, AND Assassin’s Creed. That would never happen with big businesses lawyers breathing down everyone’s necks.

And then we’ll all be forced to get humourless, ugly Adidas Star Wars stuff (They’re not even found on their site, they must’ve been disowned). They’re not terrible, but they’re so… CAN YOU EVEN CALL THIS CREATIVE??