Some projects I’ve been a part of that defy simple categorisation. Working on weird things makes me happy đŸ™‚ Latest top.


Busara is a print and play game boardgame, made as a part of the Enter Africa project, by Goethe-Institut. Spanning 15 African countries, to create one pan-African boardgame as cultural cultural expression by Africans, for Africans, in the medium of games.

I wrote about the inception of the project in Addis Abeba in October 2018, and about its official release at Gamescom, August 2019.

Download the game as a print and play free from


Walk With Me

An audio story (podcast) about Johannesburg, told by Johannesburgers, from the perspective of a visitor. Produced as part of the Enter Africa project.

Listen at



A group of Johannesburgers came together to build something for the 2019 Afrikaburn. I drew silly stuff and, together with a team of amazing people, evolved it into structural engineering, into wood and steel, and into a living structure in the Tankwa desert, then finally into ember and ashes. What an experience!


A MAZE Train Jam 2018 + 2019

December 2018, I assisted Thorsten of A MAZE in organising the first train jam in South Africa, from Johannesburg to Cape Town. With the assistance of Goethe-Institut, we got a group of 30 creatives to make games about nature in the 32 hours ride down to the first Playtopia festival.

In 2019, we made the new into tradition and came back with a bigger and better sequel, jamming with about 45 people on the train down to the second Playtopia!


Spiritcritters (personal)

At #AfrikaBurn2016, I gifted people I met these pokemon cards that I drew while we chatted. The little gift grew into an ongoing project, and now I have drawn over 300 spiritcritters for people all over the world.

They’re collected on the spiritcritters tumblr.