Beat Attack + missiles + turbo = 0.06 update

We’ve been hard at work on Beat Attack, and it has resulted in a nice update both visually and mechanically.

Look at the difference from what it was! 😀


New features include:

Character select + Speed select. You can mirror match too!


The Bear has chuck attacks:


And Landshark has missiles!

And there’s a turbo speed setting that goes up to 170bpm


You can now play it live on Gamejolt, where you can IMMEDIATELY LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS OMG INTERNET POWER


It’s now got its very own page right here.

And we’ve started a the Beat Attack devlog on to document its progress.

Thanks for keeping tabs on us and Beat Attack!

♩♩ Beat, beat, beatbeat, beat beat beat beat beat, beatbeat, beat beatbeat, beat beat beat… 😀

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