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  1. / ReplyDanae
    Another thing they don't tell you is that there'll always be someone better, so do what you love or you'll be miserable forever.
    • / Replytuism
      Agreed. It's always better to base your happiness on yourself rather than others, so what does it matter if someone else is better or not? I do what I want, whether I love it or not (cos I certainly don't love coding but by fuck I have to do it to have a game)
  2. / ReplyJ
    Spot on :> This is exactly how I often feel. I have the inspiration, but when I do creative things (play guitar, program a game, draw concept art, create 3D models, learn german...) in most cases I often have that feeling of good, but not good enough. However, I am not giving up! I still have a few years on the clock and hopefully before I die I will be able to speak another foreign language, play an instrument and make a fully fledged game with my own concept art design and music ;)

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