rAge 2012 cosplay (part 2) - more awesome not-winners

Welcome back to my little show-and-tell of the 2012 rAge cosplay. Just to recap, having been one of the four judges, I started, in part 1, going through the awesome not-winners of the cosplay competition who all deserved recogntion.

By the way if anyone wants a linkback to their facebook page or some making-of blogs or something, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll happily oblige 🙂

(And apologies for being so late with part 2! I’ve been really busy with… This and that. Hopefully can share it with you soon :P)



So let’s go through more awesomesauce:

Adventure Time - Finn Fiona (thanks again KomboKitten :P) Ahhhh Adventure time. Look at the original material and then look at her - it’s not bad at all is it, from an accuracy perspective. But with a few more bits of detail like the pet and the green backpack, it would have been MEGA epic 🙂 Kudos for the work on the headgear - it looks super fun (and warm!)


King Bradley from Full Metal Alchemist - wow this guy was impressive. Great performance, good getup, it was all pretty good. Unfortunately the eyepatch was on the wrong eye and he needed a bit of a moustache. Unless of course he was cosplaying someone other than King Bradley, in which case I shall fall on my sword after you correct me 🙂


Pikachu and Ash - Seriously, these two were fun 🙂 Here’s a lesson to be learned - if you’re supposed to be a pair, enter as a pair! The costume were pretty much spot on, and all that was really missing was performance (I dunno, call forth some lightning or something :P) and a little bit more attention to detail. And we didn’t confirm whether the Pikachu suit was home-made - if it were it definitely was one of the better pieces 🙂 Also, popular, simple cosplays tend to be overlooked. This one was good, but it fell into that category.


Yukiko Amagi from Persona 4, again, thanks to Samantha Watts) Fate/Stay Night? Not sure where this one’s from, please inform me so I can correct this, but that is very indicative of the genericness of the character chosen - maybe she had something that made her stand out as a character, if so - use it! Otherwise a nice school uniform, well executed, well detailed.


Dragon Ball Z girl - the nostalgia value was off the charts according to the Scouter! A fairly impressive cosplay that wasn’t as detailed as the others, but REALLY REALLY FUN 😀 If she had a Scouter it would have rounded it off very well. Excellent performance, it was a shame she couldn’t surround herself with some yellow aura 🙂


Bridgette from Guilty Gear - while she ran on and off the stage fairly quickly, her cosplay was one of my favourites of the competition. The details were great - the yoyo even had all the correct markings, and she even managed to go the extra mile and made the giant cuff thing. If she did something with it all on the performance side it would definitely have come out tops (that, and there were simply really really tough competition in the gaming category this time aruond!) Come on, isn’t that just the coolest costume to make? 🙂 Check out the cool cosplay analysis I found someone make online, it’s really pretty good 🙂


Scarecrow from Batman movie - The costume was good on first impression, but the detailing let it down. And personally I’ve never remembered the Scarecrow character all that well from the movie.


The Joker from Batman movie - you gotta be REALLY REALLY ambitious to do the Joker, what with the legendary Heath Ledger to live up to and all, and unfortunately the performance was just not as good as the silk shirt! It was a good and fun attempt - but again, more stage time would have been great!


Rikku from Final Fantasy X - Full disclosure - she’s my girlfriend and I had no say in her judging 🙂 But if I did, I’d say this was among the toppest cosplays at the show, with a great costume with very cool detailing, great first impression on stage, and best of all a stellar performance fully embodying the character of Rikku. Seemed like everyone at rAge stopped her for a photo, which was just testament to the cosplay. That she’s damn fine and not afraid to jump around a little (a lot) didn’t hurt either! Fantastic stuff, finally 😛


Hellsing - Well, I really did enjoy the details on this one, the glove had a glyph on, and it seemed everything was in place, and hand-made, it seemed. If weapons were involved and he had more performance, it would have been incredible. Hellsing should have been more vicious and demonic, but picking a high-challenge staple character like this was never going to be easy! Good effort!


Ghost from Modern Warfare - an iconic character and a great costume. Sure everything was probably bought from a wargames or surplus store, but the detailing including the mask was impressive. The performance was great, it was a fun cosplay.


Vin Venture from Mistborn books by Brandon Sanderson. (Thanks Mahomed Bilaal Baksh ) Girl with massive sword from series unknown - sorry  here’s another one I don’t know, but it was really impressive! That SWORD! And the way she handled it! Definitely plus points for those! The costume wasn’t bad too, if a little rough. Overall GREAT 🙂 Love that sword. Love it 🙂


Tobie from Naruto - great cloak, shame the mask was probably two times too big for his actual face. But it was a great presentation, and I do wish Tobie had more performance or iconic things besides the mask. Pretty great 🙂


Itachi Uchiha from Naruto - really? I couldn’t tell. But besides that, I really enjoyed the interpretation of the Akatsuki cloak into a nice gothloli-type vibe. Or at least frilly vibe 🙂


SeeU from Vocaloid - Full disclosure again - we’re buddies and I didn’t really judge her piece either, but to be honest it was REALLY REALLY GOOD. Look at the source material above - check out the accuracy! Great details abound: She had speakers in her headset thing (sewn-in Shox) that played the Vocaloid’s tune, all the buttons were custom-made, and every bit of clothing were hand-made. That wig could have been thigh-length but really that’s just nitpicking. Fantastic cosplay, it was a really tough battle in the pop culture category since Vocaloid was technically not anime (even if she looked completely anime!) Her performance was also good, great poses, didn’t rush off, etc. Good stuff 🙂


Kaito from Vocaloid - accompanying SeeU was another Vocaloid guy - apparently that’s his signature pose. Cool stuff, cool details, nice way of making ready-made stuff work for him. A note on that blue - if he said he was Doraemon I’d have believed him 🙂 Fun stuff 🙂


Anti-Mage from DOTA (I think. But as discussions uncovered, it could be Illidan Stormrage from WOW or Anti-Mage from DOTA. NOT Demon Hunter as I first said :P) - This one was pretty good! The weapons were nicely detailed and shaped, the body paint was pretty much on the money, he even managed to blindfold himself without tripping. Those armour pieces were well put together, too. His performance was worth mentioning too as he did a little one-legged curtsey thing that was in the game, and generally just a lot of fun. Could maybe have done with a bit more adornments like cool hair gear or something, but what’s here really well presented!


Haruko of Furi Kuri - really cool outfit - one of those recurring classics in cosplay. Can’t say much except it was pretty good, and would have benefited from more time not running away!


I don’t know who this guy’s from and I’m inclined to say Sitar Hero or something. But it was plenty fun and he - despite running on and off the stage probably because of time constraints - performed admirably. Superb fun 🙂


Snow White. When she wasn’t yet hot. Or had jet black hair. But she was very cute 🙂 Just to end things off, we have this little gorgeous girl who was very reluctant to face the crowd 🙂


OK that’s it for now - that’s all the non-placers - if you haven’t seen someone yet, it probably means I’ve either missed it due to my super large number of dudes to go through, that they didn’t participate, or that they’re among the winners and I’m gonna write them up later 🙂

As always, any comments welcome, I’m in need of just as much education in this as anyone else! And we’ll make this cosplay stuff even better next time! 😀


As usual, photo credits:

NAG’s rAge 2012 album

Jan-Hendrik Hofmeyr’s photos

Morgane T Leleux’s photos

Legion Ink’s rage 2012 album

IT News Africa’s article: Cosplayer Characters at RAge

Chanel Rossouw’s rAge 2012 album

Chanel Rossouw Photography page’s rAge 2012 Cosplay prizegiving album

Ruth Shand’s rAge 2012 album


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  1. / ReplyCorrie
    Hi there, There is a photo of a girl wearing a red jersey and grey chequered skirt (5th photo down). She's a character from Persona 4, called Yukiko Amagi. Kind regards, Corrie
    • / Replytuism
      Yep you're right! I have amended :) Thanks for letting me know :)
  2. / ReplyJayde
    hey, i was tobi from naruto! ill admit my performance in charctor was lacking but i was very nervous as it was my first time cosplaying! thanks for the pointers! ill def be better next year! pretty amped for my next cosplay project XD
    • / Replytuism
      Dude you did great man :) Looking forward to your next project :)
  3. / ReplyOhHellNo
    Hi, I would like to know why there are certain cosplayers not here, why is that? And Morgane is not one of the best, LOL, not sure if you are aware of this but AI Fest and Legion Ink, both of them Morgane has a finger in the pie, just saying :P The Kalahari cosplayers did a excellent job, and in my personal view, the judging for the Anime, and gaming, was,... uhm,.... crap.
    • / Replytuism
      Hi! First of all, I'd really like to know who I'm engaging with :) Quoting myself from the end of this write-up:
      "if you haven’t seen someone yet, it probably means I’ve either missed it due to my super large number of dudes to go through, that they didn’t participate, or that they’re among the winners and I’m gonna write them up later"
      And did you see part 1? I don't particularly care for the politics of "the scene", but I do know that Morgane is dedicated to the craft, and her cosplay from previous rAge absolutely blew us away. Not because she had her finger in any pie, but because it was simply really good, detailed, and home made. Just because I mentioned her as being one of the best doesn't mean I don't find other cosplayers like Sasha or Genevieve or Miguelle or whoever else also pretty darn great! Morgane was part of our judges panel, and I do respect her work. As for the Kalahari cosplayers, yes I thought they were awesome, up to now the write-ups has been about the cosplay comp. The next one will be about the winners, when I'm done with them. I do want to do one on everyone that weren't in the cosplay comp, but, erm, time permitting :)
  4. / ReplytheStevenTu.com blog » rAge 2012 Cosplay Winners & More Edition - the Massive Grand Finale (part 3)
    [...] Hi all! Sorry for the very very late final edition of my A Judge’s Eye View series! (Part 1 and part 2) [...]
  5. / Replyplaymobil train
    Never battle with another Cosplayer's prop sword, regardless of how sturdy it looks.

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