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April 2014

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One man. One touch. Survivor or zombie? Do you shoot or not? Split-second, life-and-death decisions piling on one after another makes Dead Run among the most intense experience you will ever have on a mobile platform. Only once you learn the basics of survival will you realise how hard one-touch zombie mauling is to master! Discover special hats! Find Michael Bay by accident!


Dead Run was inspired by Flappy Bird. However it's not another one of those rubbish #FlappyJam clones. It was made with the intention of learning from what Flappy got right, discarding what Flappy (we thought) did wrong. Originally, we set aside two weeks to make the game (which translates to two weekends in 9 to 5 land), but obviously, quality and polish takes time, so we're giving it the time it needs and deserves. It's at the 5 week mark, at the time of writing.


  • Simple, one-tap controls.
  • Hard-as-nails, split-second, heart-attack-inducing gameplay!
  • Gorgeous, pixel-by-pixel, hand-crafted pixel graphics. Check out the day/night cycle!
  • Tense, oppressive original score by Tim Harbour.
  • Numerous fun, difficult, and humourous achievements and hats to unlock! Work with the rest of the world to unlock achievements (and hats!)


Alpha gameplay footage YouTube

The Indie Block - Dead Run YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (2MB)

download logo files as .zip (246KB)

Selected Articles

  • "This is devlishly hard, it might look easy, it's not. This is more stressful than it may seem!"
    - Gerhard Davids, Scavenge Fight Build
  • "So. Addictive! Please make an iPad build so i can stop working all together :P"
    - Zoe Hawkins, MakeGamesSA
  • "I stared at the edge of the game window so long it started having an optical illusion where it seemed like the sides of the window were expanding XD"
    - Gibbo, MakeGamesSA

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We kept some semblence of record during our development, with an ensemble of animated GIFs. Read it here: tuism.com.

MakeGamesSA thread
An intimate and very educational journey of Dead Run in our game dev community. makegamessa.com.

About Steven Tu

Steven Tu, alias Tuism, is a game designer, designer, artist, illustrator, creative, and founder of Twoplus Games, which is currently focussing on pushing the interactive boundaries of intense mobile games with games like Dead Run (soon to be released) and Beat Attack (currently in alpha). Steven also makes boardgames, with Cartel being his latest prototype.

Previously, Steven co-created Otaku, the South African anime magazine, designed T-shirts for the likes of Teefury and Springleap, and got D&AD and Loeries for excellence in digital advertising. He loves MakeGamesSA, and to prove it, he designed its logo.

More information
More information on Steven Tu, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Dead Run Credits

Steven Tu
Game Designer & Artist, Twoplus Games

Loet Jansen van Rensburg
Game Designer, Developer

Tim Harbour
Composer, Music

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks