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Bear Chuck is a fast and furious platformer/match-three/Angry Birds-esque mashup in a teeth-gnashing versus arena setting! What?! I hear you say? It's certainly very different from everything else you've ever played before. Really.


Bear Chuck was my first prototype that was actually taken far enough to run into design problems :) It started as an expression of my love for frantic versus block-matching games, of which there seem to be a huge deficit of in the west - the west, where platformers were extraordinarily popular. So I mashed up those ideas, and the rest is history. Bear Chuck has been shown at the 2013 rAge Expo in South Africa, 2014 A MAZE Berlin, and is still currently in development.


  • Made for elbowing friends on a couch in front of the TV
  • Familiar-yet-new platform game + angry birds gameplay
  • Fast and frantic
  • Make mad skill shots


Bear Chuck theme song YouTube

2013 rAge Expo version video YouTube

Early alpha version video YouTube


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About Steven Tu

Steven Tu, alias Tuism, is a game designer, designer, artist, illustrator, creative, and founder of Twoplus Games, which is currently focussing on pushing the interactive boundaries of intense mobile games with games like Dead Run (soon to be released) and Beat Attack (currently in alpha). Steven also makes boardgames, with Cartel being his latest prototype.

Previously, Steven co-created Otaku, the South African anime magazine, designed T-shirts for the likes of Teefury and Springleap, and got D&AD and Loeries for excellence in digital advertising. He loves MakeGamesSA, and to prove it, he designed its logo.

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Bear Chuck Credits

Steven Tu
Game Designer & Artist, Twoplus Games

Jane Scott
Composer, Music, Bear voice 2

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