Mention: 30 games in 30 days, by Grids

Go SA! The local game dev scene is heating up, and the latest comes from GameLogic – the company behind the super impressive project which speaks volumes for itself – they made 30 games in 30 days, and they’re not even a game development company.


GameLogic made Grids, a “plugin for Unity Game Engine that allows you to rapidly implement games built on various types of grids”. Which means in plainspeak: it makes grid systems for your games in Unity super easily.

And to prove that, they made a game a day for 30 days. There are a good variety of games of all types, from puzzles to real time stuff to 3D to simulations, and they were all made in a day – this ain’t no trick photography or smoke and mirrors, this is real, honest-to-god prototyping goodness! And none of it would have been possible without the coding prowess of fellow gamemaker Eduard Beukes who powered all 30 of these beasts.

My favourites of the lot:


Day 30 – it’s so pretty! And moves so well!


Day 28 – It’s also so pretty! And so much motion sickness! 😀


Day 25 – I really like the thought behind it, thought-provoking.


Day 15 – I loved the way the hex grid was a thematically perfect fit for a paraglider going down. Cool concept.


Check out Grids if you’re devving in Unity, and check out their 30 games for inspiration!

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XBOXZA Podcast ep2: The Indie Episode

The guys at the XBOXZA Podcast asked me to join their Indie episode, and it was tons of fun! We chat about things like what it takes to make your own game, what should you study and use to develop your own game, and generally our experience in indie game dev.

I shared a bit of my own story in how I started walking this path of passion (In service of fun since 1999), what I did to get past the daunting learning of programming, as did my fellow GameMaker comrade-in-arms Julian Prichard and Michael De Jager.

Enjoy it! I did! 🙂

Links mentioned in the cast:

Make Games SA –

Graeme Selvan (XBOX PR)
Steven Tu:
Michael De Jager:
Julian Pritchard:
Dave Russell:

Game Links:
zX Hyperblast:…ls/?id=92997105
Bear Chuck:

rAge 2013: 15 made in SA games showing!


Every year, I think to myself I don’t need to go to rAge to gawk at the same AAA titles that you can see on Youtube and everywhere else. Every year I end up going because of one thing or another – if it wasn’t me judging the amazing Cosplay for Legion Ink for two years in a row, it was being a booth babe for Otaku Magazine, or organising booth babes for Asus, or whatever. rAge has become an ubiquitous landmark in the geek calendar, and for good reason.

This year’s rAge is gonna be a real special one! Well, every year’s rAge turns out to be special for, but this one will end up taking the proverbial cake. I just know it. I feel it in my bones. Why?

For starters, my game that I’ve been working on Bear Chuck will be playable and on display! And even better, I share the honor with 14 other made-in-SA games! 15 games!! FIFTEEN in total! Even as part of makeGamesSA for the last year, I never realised how quickly we’ve grown.

In no particular order (except of course the first one), here are the 15 made-in-SA games that you can come to check out and play at rAge 2013:


Bear Chuck

My page with playable build


Offcial page with playable build

Desktop Dungeons

Official page with playable build

Viscera Cleanup Detail

Official page with playable build

zX: Hyperblast

Official page with playable build


Official page with playable build

Pixel Boy

Official site

A Day in the Woods

Official site

Death Laser

System Crash

Official site

Toxic Bunny

Official site

Wang Commander

MakegamesSA thread


Official site with playable build

Blazin’ Aces

Official site

Death Smashers

Developers official site

rAge 2013 is going to be amazing! Come say hi and join us for a few games! 😀

Bear Chuck BEAR-SIZED update!

I’ve been working pretty hard on my game Bear Chuck to get it read y for rAge 2013, and I’ve got me a stable build! 😀

I’m gonna just leave this gameplay video to do the talking:

With a brief log of updates:

  • Super improved AI – it actually BEAT ME. More than once.
  • A new menu worthy of the Bear Chuck name.
  • A Brand spanking new gameplay video starring Bears!
  • Settled on the new name Bear Chuck! Just too adorable 🙂
  • Updated the animation and upgraded the AI a bit more
  • Added a few more effects
  • The combo system now works! Chains will add exponentially more attacks to the other side – e.g. a match of 4 will be an attack of 2, and match 5 will attack 3. Each chain adds a multiplier to your attack – so at combo 2, the attack will be multiplied by 2. E.g.: First match of 4 creates attack 2. Then another match of 4 is the result of a chain reaction – and that attach will be multiplied by the combo factor of 2 for an attack of 4 (2 x 2).

Get the playable build on the Bear Chuck page! 😀