My Indie Speed Run


And finally our Indie Speed Run game is up! Please follow the link and have a go at our game! 🙂

Or, if you hate spoilers, like I do, please read ahead for the short story of how our baby came to the world 🙂

This post has come a bit late, but that’s cos I was generally burnt out after the jam, and that the game wasn’t publicly available until now due to competition constraints. So the Indie Speed Run was a 48 hour contest in which we had to create a game with given elements. It’s being judged by a panel of famous people as described in my previous post, and this is my super abridged story of our 48 hours of… Trials and Tribulations, would be the best way of describing it:


Hour 0: Anticipation

Before we started we had a plan. We booked out a weekend, we started fresh at 10am, we were kinda prepared, and we set out to hit that start button on I tell you, it was daunting.

So we hit that button


And got this:

Theme: Lost
Element: Ninja

Along with an ominously ticking clock. It may as well have been a bomb. As distracting as the countdown was, we got to it. The theme is what should inspire the game, and the element is something that must go into the game.

The brainstorm ensued.



Seriously, we were stumped by the theme. It’s so DAMN CLICHED. It’s a ninja, and he’s lost. Or he’s lost his mind. Or he’s amnesiac. Or someone else in those situations. Fighting a ninja. Etc, etc. Platformer. Maybe stealth. So much of cliche.

So after a bit of backwards and forward we stumbled across something that wasn’t quite as cliched as the rest of the ideas. Lost was exactly how we were feeling, so we explored that.


Hour 2: Lost, but with direction. About being lost.

We explored the notion of expressing and conveying our sense of being lost in this overwhelming thing - this was both mine and my buddie Eduard’s very first real game jam. Oh wait, it wasn’t Ed’s, he’s done one before. So it was my very first one. Whether I should have gotten into a game jam with a strict down-to-the-second deadline for my very first experience, well, I hadn’t thought it through 😛

So we ended up locking down our concept to making a game about making a game in 48 seconds, which would convey just how we’re feeling about the whole thing now, and would allow people to try again and understand how it works better and better, eventually mastering the rush, and making things they want to make. Kinda like how game making is like in real life.


Hour 3: And we were off



So we started actually producing. Let me park this for now, next time I’ll tell you about how we expanded and tried to make a game out of that concept, the limitations, the sleeplessness, and some Netrunner 🙂


Honestly, the rest of the process was the most gruelling 48 hours I’ve ever had the pleasure of enduring. Very little sleep coupled with very noob skillz and very over-scoped hopes resulted in… Well, a lot of lessons learnt.

And a game! Play our game here 🙂


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