I’m Geek of the Week on BGG

I love boardgames, and I love community. It’s only natural that I’m pretty active on BoardGameGeek. To my surprise, a member of BGG has chosen me as Geek of the Week - a little bit of community fun which means that I have to tell a story about myself, answer a bunch of questions from people all over the world for a week, and get people to guess which of these three things about me isn’t true:

Two truths and a lie:

  • I have scars from four canine attacks (one bone deep), but I still love dogs.
  • Despite doing a perfect Vader voice impression my entire life, I have never watched Star Wars (The original trilogy 4,5 and 6) until last week.
  • I didn’t buy something from one of those girl’s worn panties vending machines when I visited Japan.

Come join in the interrogation and vote on which you think the lie is on BoardGameGeek! Also I’m hunting for the next Geek of the Week. Gotta love the community!


Geek of the Week


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