Dwarf animation test

I’ve been working on this little dwarf character that will go into my game that I’m planning at the moment, and just discovered the joys of pixel art and animation!

The evolution of Klepto the dwarf:

He started as a pencil sketch, lots of rough details…


Then I played around in pixel art…


Then thought I’d try my hand at pixel animation…


It’s nowhere near finished or polished, and there’s a lively discussion/critique over at makegamessa about it, yet I must say I thoroughly enjoy pixel art and animation! At first it was pretty apprehensive, but it really just takes a bit of imagination to put pixels down where they need to be. I think I’m probably going to keep this approach and pixelify the game 🙂


If you’re interested in giving it a shot, it’s really not difficult

For me the most important thing was to just jump in and do it - pixel by pixel. It sounds hard but it really is a breeze! Here are some nice articles to get you going, they’re all quality stuff 🙂

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    [...] felt like just not a month ago that I started doing some pixel art for fun, it’s really cool seeing other people learning with [...]
  2. / ReplyKirill
    Wow. I do love this dwarf guy, thank you for putting the animation together! I know, this might sound silly, this post is almost 7 year old, but I would like to use it in my personal project, and I wonder if by any chance it is for sale. Please let me know.
    • / Replytuism
      Hi there, I appreciate your appreciation! I'll get in touch with you for further chats about this. Cheers!

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