Bear Chuck

Bear Chuck: Angry Birds + Super Puzzle Fighter + Bubble Bobble. What?!

Bear Chuck is mash of concepts that results that I loved growing up, and still do - but they don’t make ’em like that anymore! It’s also in super early pre-alpha prototyping, so it’ll probably become something else too 🙂

Do you remember those days when you were up into the wee hours, battling tooth and nail with your friend sitting right next to you on mad frantic games like Puyo Puyo? Tetris Attack? Bomberman? Bear Chuck is one of those couch versus games where the stakes are high, the action is fast, and skills make ’em SCREAM - and come back for more! Boom! BOOM! BOOM BOOM BOOM! ARRRRGHGHHH F**K YOUUUUU!! As I’m mostly focusing on mechanical prototyping for the moment, as such the gfx and things are mostly placeholding for future bears. Bears of The Future will come one day, and it will be epic. BEAAAARRRR!

bear_chuck_download (updated 7 April 2022)

Bear Chuck Unity prototype (9 Dec 2021)
I’ve been busy learning Unity and porting Bear Chuck to it, as well as exploring a new control scheme. It’s a web player so you can try it in your browser.


Some Vines



Some Screenies



April 7, going to A MAZE 2014, Berlin

  1. Removed the previous menu system, it’s now just a simple 1 or 2 players menu.
  2. Player 1 can be controlled with mouse or gamepad 1.
  3. Player 2 can only be controlled by gamepad 2.
  4. Added a basic tutorial as you play.
  5. Added a “special attack” - Red Bear uses red blocks for special attacks, yellow bear uses yellow blocks.
  6. Removed superflous elements from the game such as score, gems, for the time being.
  7. Upped the tenacity of the AI a bit.

9 Dec

  • Began porting Bear Chuck to Unity!
  • There’s a web build:
  • Exploring control option alternatives - controls are completely click in this version. Click to teleport. Click and drag to aim and toss. You’re a Ninja Bear and you can telejump anywhere as you please!

1 Oct, for rAge expo, Johannesburg

  • Overhauled the gamepad controls - the aim is now no longer absolute according to the position of the analogue stick, but the stick “moves” the aim… That means if you let the stick rest, the arc stops moving, as opposed to being reset to zero.
  • Drop block button added - any of the face buttons, or clicking the right stick. For mouse controls it’s still right click.
  • Removed the power bars for now cos they’re not useful right now. Will add them back as I can.
  • The number of blocks that fall from above will increase over time, putting pressure on the game to actually end, if both players are damn master bears 😛
  • Fixed main menu bugs - all the directional controls now work, and the face buttons will get you playing the game (on both controller one and two), and you can click “play!” with the mouse, too.
  • Fixed the AI freezing up bug 🙂

25 Sep

  • AI that actually BEAT ME. More than once.
  • A new menu worthy of the Bear Chuck name.
  • Brand spanking new gameplay video starring Bears!
  • Will be at rAge expo 2013 from 4 - 6 October!

19 Sep

  • Settled on the new name Bear Chuck! Just too adorable 🙂
  • Updated the animation and upgraded the AI a bit more
  • Added a few more effects
  • The combo system now works! Chains will add exponentially more attacks to the other side - e.g. a match of 4 will be an attack of 2, and match 5 will attack 3. Each chain adds a multiplier to your attack - so at combo 2, the attack will be multiplied by 2. E.g.: First match of 4 creates attack 2. Then another match of 4 is the result of a chain reaction - and that attach will be multiplied by the combo factor of 2 for an attack of 4 (2 x 2).

19 Aug

  • You can select from control schemes on main menu (mouse vs controller, controller vs controller, mouse vs AI)
  • I included the basic AI to play against!

2 Aug

  • A new title & screen…? This brings about a theme discussion. Do you like it?
  • There are gems to collect!
  • General mouse control improvements
  • There’s now a chicken as P2. Cos the sky is falling, see?

7 July

  • Attack system added!
  • Life and getting damage added

5 July

  • 2 player added! Must have controller for player 2 due to the analogue requirements of the control scheme - sorry if you don’t have an analogue controller!
  • (A xbox controller (wired!) should work though I haven’t tested it yet - my PS3 controller works with MotioninJoy emulator. Make sure you turn the xbox360 controller emulation profile on if using this!)
  • You can run with the blocks!
  • Title screen with control explanation added
  • Haven’t added “dropping” blocks without throwing them, leading to a a related bug for P2
  • Haven’t added life and score yet

Stuff I’m working on:
☑ AI opponent
☐ Better AI opponent
☐ Score system
☑ Combo/chain system
☐ Much improved graphics and theme
☐ Different characters with different abilities
☐ Single player tutorial into levels with…
☐ Boss battles!
☐ General polish!

Hey hey you, yes you, all feedback, comments and suggestions welcome! 😀 Thanks for joining my Bears!

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