Art for boardgames - Factory Funner

I made art for a boardgame that’s on Kickstarter now! đŸ˜€

It’s called Factory Funner, a fantastically huge game by Corné Van Moorsel, a prolific Dutch game designer. Factory Funner is a sequel to Factory Fun, Corné’s first game for his own company Cwali, and as such, holds a special place for the game designer himself.

I handled all the art in the game, which includes the box art:

And a whole bunch of stuff:

The machines were the most interesting things in the game. With heavy boardgame design experience, working with CornĂ© on these have been super awesome. He only really gave me input for general ideas - for example that he wanted a white machine or a black machine, or a big round one, or a small hexagonal one, etc. The brief was open-ended, so I could exercise my creative madness as much as I could go. There was a one that was cut due to it being “too graphic” for a PG rating, though.


Here are just a handful of detail shots:

m01 m02 m03


The game funded over 50% in the first 24 hours! Pretty cool if I do say so myself :) Show your support for Factory Funner, the stretch goals are super interesting, including several backer-designed machines! Any support in any way is much appreciated!



FACTORY FUNNER (crowdfund edition) -- Kicktraq Mini

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