A MAZE Johannesburg 2014 + Twoplus =

The 3rd A MAZE Interact Games and Playful Media Festival is upon us! A MAZE is a festival that originated in Berlin, Germany, led by the indomitable and fearless Thorsten S Wiedemann, and came to Johannesburg for the very first time two years ago in 2012, leading the charge of indie game development in South Africa.

It was exactly there and then that the seeds of Twoplus Games first sprouted, and it is with exceeding love, excitement, appreciation, gratitude, admiration, and fanboyism that I announce that Twoplus will have three games showing at A MAZE - Dead Run, Echo, and one card game - Cartel!

The Festival runs from 10th to 13th of September, in and around the Joburg CBD, in various locations (here’s the full program), and has attendees from all over the world - with names like Rami Ismail of Vlambeer and Sos Sowski, Pippin Barr, Titiana Vilela and muchmuchmuchmore (full list on the site), it’s gonna be something to remember for sure! 🙂

Oh, come say hi and pick up a Twoplus + Dead Run sticker while they last!

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